Training Competition of  the Europeans 2015

Training Competition of the Europeans 2015


Event title: Training Competition of the Europeans 2015
Location: Debrecen, Hungary
Dates: 8th August – 10th August, 2015
Event Director: Garry Lockyer (CAN)
Entry fee: none

07 August- Registration for the Training Competition and also the Europeans 2015.
08 August 16:00 First competition flight briefing
09-10 August 05:00 and 16:00 Briefings

Participation: Everyone can participate in the whole event or just in a part as desired.
Gas: Pilots have to pay for the amount of propane they actually filled their cylinders with. The same method will be applied as the Europeans 2015. The method is to pay the amount calculated, based on the number of planned flights (50 kg per flight, 5 flights at the training competition, 1,5 €/kg) in advance at the check-in, and in the end the actual amount put into the cylinders will be calculated and the difference in cost will be paid back

Accomodation: Available at the Hotel Campus.
1 night in twin room: 40 EUR/room (without meals)
1 night in single room: 35 EUR/room (without meals)

Organizing Committee
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