First round of invitation is over!

First round of invitation is over!

First round of invitation is over!

Based on the nomination of  the European NACs the Debreceni Ballon Repülő Klub, as the Organizer of the Europeans 2015, has sent out invitation letters to 85 pilots (including the medalholders) in the first round of the invitation process this February.

Until the deadline (28 February) 79 pilots from  23 countries have registered and transferred the entry fee and thus have had valid entry for the Europeans 2015.

As the maximum number of the participants can be 105 pilots, including the medalholders, the Organizing Committee of the Europeans 2015 will open the second round of the invitations in which 26 pilots will be invited.

According to the Sporting Code Section One the number of additional invitations to each eligible NAC shall be according to each NAC’s ranking positions in the final results in the previous similar event. Invitations shall be allocated to each NAC in the same order as that NAC’s ranking positions in the previous event.

In this basis the distribution of the additional invitations among the eligible NACs will be the following:

LTU  3
SUI   5
RUS  3
BEL  2
LAT  1
FRA  1

* It was updated on 8th March because according to the Sporting Code Section 1 only those NACs who have taken up all of their initial invitations within the published time limits shall be considered for additional invitations.

 Additional invitation letters will be sent out until  10th March, 2015.

Final Registration Date: 15th April, 2015  (24:00 local time)

Entry Fee should be received no later than 15th April, 2015  (24:00 local time).

Organizing Committee Europeans 2015